Angelica Day Spa & Clean Beauty Boutique


The body must be touched with hands of peace, whispered to, reverently anointed, handled as if it is a delicate flower. -Gayle Macdonald “Medicine Hands”

At Angelica Day Spa, our goals are simple. To give you a healing space to rest, relax and restore. To nourish and replenish your skin, feeding it with Organic, Bio Dynamic and rich Wild Crafted ingredients, from an absolutely divine line Eminence Organic Skin Care.  

We have practitioners who are certified in the ancient Egyptian art form of hair removal called Sugaring, safe and gentle even for some with health compromised skin. Angelica Day Spa is also an Oncology friendly spa! Our owner and lead Aesthetician Hollie, is an Oncology Trained Aesthetician through Institute of Integrative Oncology, which has blessed and forever changed her life! Check out our Oncology Skin Care tab for more information on these offerings.


So that we can discuss an individualized skincare plan to get your skin looking and most importantly feeling its very best!  Cheers!




Hollie, owner of Angelica Day Spa & Boutique allow’s Intuition, Intention and Love be her guide. Her work, is one she holds Sacred. Hollie specializes in Oncology skin care, trained through the Institute of Integrative Oncology. Hollie is certified in Italian Facial Reflexology, certified through Dien Chan Zone Italian Facial Reflexology, the first of its kind to be offered in the US. Hollie is also a certified instructor of Body Sugaring through Tamara’s Sugar. These are blends of ancient knowledge from across a variety of traditions from all over the world. All gathered lovingly from her own path to wholism, healing and beauty. Drawing from all of these experiences have led here, a powerful union of strength and grace.


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Recognizing & Working Safely Within a Framework of Clinical Consideration

Cancer Aware Skincare

Hello! I am Hollie and I am an Oncology Trained Aesthetician through the Institute of Integrative Oncology. My primary objective in providing skin care treatments for Oncology clients in active treatment or recent recovery is, to soothe sensitivity, replenish hydration, strengthen barrier function and to protect.  I am well trained in the ability to work with an implanted port, Neuropathy, Lymphedema, and Compromised Lymph nodes. 

Keeping the skin as hydrated as possible during cancer treatment is of the utmost importance. To also keep the skin feeling good, and to prevent cracking and chapping, which can lead to infection. Risk of infection is higher due to the suppressed immune system from the anti-cancer therapies.  

Additionally, many studies show that the power of touch, such as through a facial or massage, can help reduce pain, improve mood, and reduce fatigue in cancer patients. Rest assured I go by The Tracy Walton Pressure Scale, therefore anyone in active treatment or recently completed treatment can still receive massage by means of Stationary Weightless or Still Touch. 

  • Often times a recipient of a facial or massage can go home and report flu-like symptoms in the days following the skin care or body work session, it may be an indication that the therapist used too much pressure, an overly vigorous pace, or products, practices and methods that were too demanding. *Note* Flu-like symptoms can also be a side effect of the anti cancer therapies.

Not all Aestheticians have the proper training on how to work with a client who is in active treatment or who has recently completed treatment. Make sure when you go to make your next appointment with an Aesthetician go to a provider who has been trained from a reputable educator in Oncology Aesthetics. Check out these websites for more information.


In my practice, I use Eminence Organic Skin Care, a skincare line that has vast array of products specifically designed for people who are in treatment or who have just completed treatment.  You want to be very careful about which products you do use, just because they’re organic, unscented, all natural or dermatologist tested doesn’t guarantee the product is anymore safe or effective. Using a specifically designed product that is oncology friendly is the safest way to go.  

I have a true passion for helping those with skin concerns affected by cancer or who are immune suppressed.  I realize that most days you are being poked and prodded, left feeling depleted. I have created a space to wrap you up in a cocoon of pure bliss. Letting go of any worry and relaxing with the confidence that I have the knowledge to properly provide you with a healthful, safe and blissful treatment.